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07/13/2009 19:17

Hey guys! Sup? Like The Fame Blog and the Lady Gaga page? I promise I'll put music videos too on there! So hang in there!

- Elixa :o)

07/13/2009 19:25

Hey you guys. Just want to give you guys updates of the Lady Gaga pages. The music videos I promised to put on for you guys, theres alot of them. So I may have to make another page. May. Here's the songs that I guess I know about:


1."Just Dance"
4."Beautiful, Dirty Rich"
5."Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)"
6."Poker Face"
7."The Fame"
8."Money Honey"
9."Again Again"
10."Boys, Boys, Boys"
11."Brown Eyes"
13."I Like it Rough"
14."Starstruck (featuring Flo Rida and Space Cowboy)"
15."Paper Gangsta"
16."Disco Heaven"
18."Dirty Ice - cream"
19."Retro Physical"
22."Shake UR Kitty"
24."Honest Eyes"
25."Christmas Tree"
27."Fancy pants"
29."No Floods"
32."Let Love Down"
33."Blueberry kisses"
34."Big Girl Now (Featuring Lady Gaga)"

That's a whole lot of songs. So I may have to put it on a separate page. Sorry about that I hope to see some more comments!

07/13/2009 21:20

Hey you guys. I put all the songs on the Music Videos page. Blueberry Kisses and Everyone didn't show up right so I couldn't put them. So instead of 34 songs I put 32. I hope that's enough for you. Please inform me about the songs and how you like them and also inform me if you found and music videos for Blueberry Kisses and Everyone (the right ones). Thanks and enjoy the brand new and updated site!

- Elixa ;o)

07/13/2009 21:24

Hey you guys. Most of you guys have been wondering some *unreleased* Lady Gaga songs. Well I have some right here, but don't expect all of this to come out and to come out very soon! Here they are:

Unreleased (besides those already mentioned above):

Do Me Right
Eyes On Me
Filthy Pop
Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)
Funky Beat
Glitter & Grease
Go, Go, Go
I Miss U Babe
Kandy Life
Love Sick Girl
Oh Well
Panty Party
Real Cool
Retro Dance (or: Retro Dance Freak)
Sexy Ugly
Silly Heartbreak
Spin U Around
Take You Out
We Are Plastic
When She Go

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Demos & Alternate mixes (besides the singles):

Beautiful Dirty Rich (demo)
Disco heaven (demo)
Again Again (Demo)

Money Honey (US Mix & Canadian Mix)?
LoveGame, Paparazzi, and Money Honey (slightly remixed)?

I promise once these songs come out I'll put it in the music videos section. But for right now, put your socks back on, because you might have to wait for a while!

- Elixa :o)

07/13/2009 21:39

Hey you guys! Sup? I just wanted to tell you that I might be busy for the past few weeks, because of school, and I want you guys to inform me about the new songs, Blueberry Kisses (if it came out), Everyone (if it came out), and that sort of stuff. So I won't have time to work on my site, so post me updates of everything cause you comment won't just also go on the blog, but will also send to my email, and I usually check that once or twice a day, so ya. PLEASE OH PLEASE keep me informed, so that if you want me to update something, I can do that for you. And don't worry about sending it to my email (and think that I won't answer it). I won't answer it but I'll thank you in the blog and update what you want me to do. I'm usually always answering all my emails so don't worry! Thanks you guys I hope to see some mail in my inbox!

- Elixa ;o)

07/13/2009 21:43

Hey you guys. One more thing. I know your usually waiting for me to put something in good so that you can talk about it. So I'll something up that all of you can talk about all summer long! Here you go: The Old Lady Gaga vs. The New Lady Gaga. There you go. Talk about that and send me some of your answers to it. And please again keep me informed about all the stuff! Thanks and have fun with the debate!

- Elixa :o)

07/15/2009 14:34

Hey you guys! Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on The Fame blog! Make sure that you always JUST don't focus on iElixa. Start getting for school and that. Just don't want you guys getting in trouble because of me and the site. So ya and I still want updates and stuff like I said. So ya and enjoy the summer and I hope you guys do good in school!

i Elixa ;o)

07/29/2009 15:16

Hey you guys! Most of you guys have been wondering why some of my comments I put up are framed in blue and is colored a pale egg blue. It's because when I'm logged in, it colors itself blue, and when I am not logged in, it just turns out to be plain white. So sorry for te misunderstanding, and theres nothing wrong with your computer. Thanks you guys!

- Elixa :o)

07/14/2012 19:41

good post


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